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536 E. Washington Street,
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022

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We love puppies! Congratulations on bringing home the newest member of your family. To ensure that your pet receives everything needed to grow up healthy and strong, schedule a comprehensive examination with one of our veterinarians as soon as possible. Puppies' developing immune systems leave them more susceptible to disease and parasites, which is one reason why we recommend bringing in your new canine companion for more frequent check-ups in their first few months of their life. Our regular preventative medicine schedule will provide your growing dog with a healthy start to a happy life.

Your puppy's first visit to our hospital will include a complete physical exam and intestinal parasite screening. We will develop a vaccination program that is based on his or her lifestyle. Our veterinarians will also provide behavior and housetraining recommendations, as well as nutritional counseling.

Please be watchful for any of the following signs after bringing home your new puppy, they should be addressed immediately:

Please call us immediately if your puppy is exhibiting any of these symptoms.