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536 E. Washington Street,
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022

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Senior Cat Care

Our veterinarians recommend at least two wellness exams per year for cats after the age of seven. These tests allow our veterinarians to detect the conditions that lead to illness early, before they become reason for concern.

Early detection is especially important in older cats, as there are cases where starting treatment after symptoms appear will render it much less effective. Older pets can face weight and mobility issues, arthritis, kidney, heart, and liver disease, organ failure, and other troubling conditions. Ask one of our staff members about "wellness program" screenings for older animals to ensure that your cat lives a long and happy life.

The examination will include the same tests as our comprehensive preventative check-up, including a physical, blood and urine tests, internal and external parasite treatment, and immunizations. In addition, our veterinarian may recommend further diagnostic testing such as blood tests for the evaluation of the major metabolic pathways, ECGs to evaluate the heart, and radiographs to assess the lungs.

Please also feel free to bring in additional questions or concerns about your pet's health that you would like to address.