Laser Surgery

Chagrin Valley Veterinary Clinic utilizes an advanced surgical suite to perform many different types of procedures, ranging from spays and neuters to full soft tissue, orthopedic, and emergency surgeries.

State-of-the-art Surgical Laser

In an effort to provide the highest quality care for your pets, we now offer laser surgery for your pets. The CO2 surgical laser, which uses a high intensity beam of light, is the most advanced tissue cutting tool available today. It replaces the scalpel, scissors, and other cutting instruments for a variety of surgeries we perform. Most surgeries that have traditionally been done with a scalpel can be performed with the surgical laser. Some surgical procedures are virtually impossible to perform with any other tool.

The advantages of a surgical laser over a scalpel are multiple. There is considerably less bleeding with a laser. A dry surgical field is vital in delicate operations or with very small patients. Because the laser seals nerve endings as it cuts, there is less post-operative pain. Additionally, the laser seals lymphatic vessels which results in less post-op swelling.

The surgical laser was a major investment by our practice, but we feel the benefits of less pain, less swelling, and less bleeding were worth the cost. We are excited about the benefits it can provide for your pet. If you have any questions about laser surgery, or any other aspect of surgical care for your dog or cat, please feel free to contact us.

Before your pet’s procedure

Each dog or cat is prepped for their operation by undergoing an extensive screening process. This set of diagnostic tests allows us to detect preexisting medical conditions that may pose future health risks, and also helps us determine the level of anesthesia that should be delivered during the procedure to make sure that your pet will be as comfortable as possible. If you have questions or concerns regarding anesthesia or surgery for your pet, please feel free to address them with one of our staff members.

Patient monitoring during surgery

An experienced veterinary technician, aided by state-of-the-art digital monitoring equipment, is assigned to track important physical parameters during the operation. The attention your pet receives is comparable to that which a human receives during an operation at a full service hospital.

After the operation

We make every effort to minimize the amount of pain your pet experiences throughout the course of the procedure. We use a comprehensive set of modalities and pharmaceuticals to minimize pain before, during, and after the surgery. This includes the recovery process post-operation, where we have a number of therapy techniques that will help your pet feel better more quickly.